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I’m Becky and it’s very nice to meet you. I'm a photographer and I live in Sheffield, Yorkshire and I shoot weddings as well as couples, families & branding.

I’m married to a real gem of a human, called Ross who is absolutely my lobster. Together, we have two kids called Zac & Emmie. They’re mostly the lights of our lives except for when we need just five minutes’ peace. I love singing along to classic musicals, getting lost in a good book and wandering the streets of a new city with my people. Put an ice cream cone in my hand and I’d call it good.​

 ​If you were to meet me in real life, I hope you'd find me to be happy, warm and relaxed which is exactly how I hope to make everyone who comes in front of my lens feel too. I love to meet new people and make friends and by the end of our time together hopefully it will feel like we’ve both made a new pal.


Whether it’s a big event like your wedding or you want some family photos just because, you deserve to be documented in your life, with your people, in a place that you love.

Becky xo

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